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Pyrons slot

Update: Yggdrasil recently removed Pyrons from their game selection. You can still read our full review of this offline slot below, or check the list of available slots here.

Yggdrasil has gone back to the roots of slot machines by coming up with the Pyrons slot. That is only one of the reasons why it is an instant classic among the Yggdrasil slots. When you start the game, you will hear a catchy eight bits tune which would seem straight from an old fashioned computer game. This tune may not be very fancy, but it sounds just fine and will not get boring too quickly. The Pyrons videoslot also uses the old fashioned symbols, such as the different types of fruit, the sevens and the stars. The symbols of the Pyrons slot do look nicer than they used to be, with all kinds of flashy effects and sharp colours. Those sharp colours make the looks of the Pyrons slot even more flashy and appealing. Everything simply looks fresh and nice, which is what most online casino players like to see.  The symbols of the Pyrons videoslot are placed on a purple background with metal conductors on either side of your screen. These bars and wires will activate the main feature of the Pyrons slot, which may end up giving you a nice amount of money.

The conductors on the right side of the screen in the Pyrons slot show numbers between one and twenty. These numbers show the number of paylines that are active in the Pyrons videoslot. When the mouse cursor is hovered over one of these numbers then you will be able to see what that specific payline looks like. This is shown with a bright green line that crosses the symbols of the Pyrons mobile slot. The conductors on the left side of the Pyrons slot make the game a lot more interesting for the player. This side holds the multipliers of the Pyrons videoslot. When you have made any type of combination on your last spin then the bubble with a two in it lights up. That means that your second win in a row will be multiplier by two. After two winnings on the Pyrons slot in a row the three lights up. After that the five will light up, and finally the twenty. This means that your fifth win in a row will be multiplier no less than twenty times! This of course gives plenty of possibilities to get that big win!

The return to player or RTP of the Pyrons videoslot is just as good as the other Yggdrasil slots. Like for example the Winterberries slot this is around 96%, with 96.1% to be exact. The maximum win on the Pyrons slot has been set to 50,000 coins per payline, which can be a crazy amount of money. One single combination of five stars will get you 2,500 coins. When the multiplier of the Pyrons slot is set to twenty then your one payline win will give you 50,000 coins. The possibility exists that your entire screen will fill up with stars, meaning that all twenty paylines are active at the same time. This would give you twenty times 50,000 is a million coins! Make sure to activate the blue flames of the Pyrons slot. Your screen will catch fire as the multiplier goes up. Therefore it will be hard to miss when the Pyrons slot gets warmer and yours winnings go up. It is for a good reason that the slogan of the Pyrons slot is ‘play with fire’.

Online casino players who enjoy classic slots should definitely give the Pyrons slot a try. This game has a real old fashioned and classic feel to it when played, but at the same time it has all the advantages and extras that modern video slots have to offer. The Pyrons mobile slot gives you all the trusted types of symbols in a standard game setup. But the multiplier is also available in this game in order to spice things up. Fans of modern video slots will also certainly not be disappointed because of this amazing feature. There are also plenty of opportunities to win some unbelievable prizes with the Pyrons slot. Just like the other Yggdrasil slots it gives you a special feature with which you can increase your winnings tremendously. It is possible that the Pyrons slot will multiply a nice combination by twenty, making your initial win much bigger. The Pyrons videoslot may not offer any free spins feature or a bonus game, but this is certainly not necessary when your win can be multiplied by twenty. This specific feature is the most important aspect of the Pyrons slot and it is also the reason why it became well-known. Try this wonderful new game for yourself by playing it for free on this page. You can also create a personal account at the Yggdrasil casino of your choice. You can then play this video slot for real money with your personal account. You may be the next player to get a super mega win with a little help from that fantastic multiplier feature!

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