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Rainbow Ryan slot

The Ryanbow Ryan slot by Yggdrasil Gaming combines some of the most popular features that we’ve seen from other games. For starters, it is a true rock slot which will blast some amazing music your way while you’re trying your luck. And in addition to that, you can make use of reels that may copy each other, which can of course lead to some pretty impressive winnings. Furthermore there are of course also wilds, free spins, and much more!

Rock the Rainbow Ryan slot

The Rainbow Ryan slot is of course not the first online casino game that has a rocking theme. Nevertheless, the Rainbow Ryan videoslot has a lot more to offer than just a musical and rhythmic theme… You will also be confronted with a funny little man called Ryan and a very promising combination of game functions! The main character of the Rainbow Ryan mobile slot is a typical Irish leprechaun with a green high top hat, a little green suit and red sideburns. But at the same time he also has piercings, some very stylish sunglasses and an electrical guitar! This little gnome will be in the foreground of your screen at all times, while he plays his guitar and plays along with your quest for some seriously big prizes. Sometimes, when you manage to get a big win, he will give you a solo, and he can also use his musical talents to rock some bonus features into your screen. But more about that later. The following prizes can be won by making a combination of six in a row from the left to the right. His can be done with no less than 4096 different pay lines on six reels and four rows with symbols. In other words, you can make a combination in every possible way. Making combination can also be made easier because of the wild symbols. Those may appear on any reel, they simply look like golden coins with the word ‘wild’ written on them and they can replace all other symbols in the game. The green hat which is filled with golden coins is worth 250 coins, the black boots are worth 200 coins, the microphone with the cord is worth 150 coins, the glass of beer is worth 100 coins, the green spades are worth 70 coins, the pink hearts are worth 70 coins, the orange diamonds are worth 50 coins, and the purple clubs are also worth 50 coins.

rainbow ryan slot

Win big with the Rainbow Reels

As mentioned before, the musical leprechaun with the high hat may go absolutely nuts at times. Sometimes he will hit a high note, after which his instrument points at the game screen and several reels will become synchronised. This game function of the Rainbow Ryan slot is called the Rainbow Reels features and what it comes down to is that at least two and at the most six reels next to each other will look exactly the same. If you qualify for this feature then you may of course get some serious winnings, especially when you get six Rainbow Reels at the same time. That way you are guaranteed to get several winning combinations and that may provide you with lots of cash!

Win even more in the free spins

Just like many other games, the Rainbow Ryan slot also offers a bonus game. There are plenty of free spins symbols hidden on the reels and if you manage to find three or more of those at the same time then you will immediately qualify for a number of bets on the house. Three of those characters will provide you with 7 free spins, while four, five and six symbols will respectively give you 10, 15 and 20 free spins. That of course already a very good thing, but that isn’t even all there is to say about the bonus game of the Rainbow Ryan slot. During the free spins you have much better chances of filling your screen with synchronised reels from the Rainbow Reels feature. When you are trying your luck in the bonus game of the Rainbow Ryan videoslot then leprechaun will still be playing, which means he may still provide you with multiple synchronised reels… Except the amount of Rainbow Reels can never become less during the free spins! That means you can make use of this feature until the very last spin, while the Rainbow Reels can in fact still become bigger as the feature goes on!

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