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Reptoids Slot

You will find that the Reptoids slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has a remarkably original theme. Of course it has a standard setup with three rows and five reels of symbols, a standard twenty different pay lines which go from the left to the right, and a maximum bet of 100 euros per spin… But that isn’t what makes it so very special. Because it is based on the remarkable story that there are lizard people out there who want to take over the world! You can find every single one of them on the reels of this videoslot and it is up to you to reveal their true identities. Go ahead, try to save the world and win a whole lot of money in the meanwhile!

Fight lizard people in the Reptoids slot

If you enjoy urban myths and funny internet stories then you may have already been confronted with the idea of lizard people. The idea behind this hilarious theory is that there are reptiles out there who have taken the shape of humans. Very important and influential people in fact, which explains their motives to take over the world. Well now, the story of the Reptoids videoslot is based on this exact idea and that is what you will realise the moment you open the game. You will first see a tough and important looking military officer who takes off his human mask, after which the head of a reptile comes out and his human hands slowly turn green and his claws come out. And after that you will even get to see the president of the United States who shows that he has reptilian eyes! The Reptoids slot seems to take place in the sixties and it needs to be said that Yggdrasil Gaming found an extremely original subject on which they could base their latest game. The rest of the slot properties are quite generic though, because you will simply find the different types of hidden humanoids as available characters in a standard videoslot screen with fifteen squares. These can of course be used to make winning combinations and if you get five of them in a row then they will award you with the following prizes respectively. The US president in his black suit and his white hair on a red background is worth a whopping 1000 coins, the military officer in his blue uniform will give you 900 coins and the business woman with her purple suit will provide you with 800 coins. Furthermore, you can win 700 coins with a combination of scientists in white coats, 600 coins with nurses and 500 coins with police offers. The gold, silver, bronze and nickel medals are of course much less interesting, as they will reward you with 100, 80, 70 or 60 coins respectively.

reptoids slot

Run into reptilian wild symbols

You may notice that your general experience with the Reptoids slot isn’t much different from any other Yggdrasil casino game that you find on the internet. The reels will turn one by one, starting with the left one and moving to the right, while you can make winning combinations from the left most column on twenty different pay lines. But there are one or two features which are quite remarkable… Because there is some sort of a magnifying glass that moves around you screen while you are playing, changing positions after every single spin. This won’t actually do anything for you on most occasions, but it will regularly happen that this magnifying glass ends up pointing at one of the humanoid characters that are shown on the reels. In that case, the person is unmasked and his or her true reptilian identity is shown. But that isn’t the only thing that happens, because all of these characters that are currently shown in your screen will then turn into wilds! And these wild symbols will of course replace all other symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter symbol.

The very promising free spins feature

So that magnifying glass can land on any given symbol in your screen. That of course also includes the scatter symbol and when that happens you’ll be in for a treat. Because in that case, the bonus game is activated, which means you’ll get a standard amount of seven free spins. Those work almost the same as the regular spins in the main game, except every unmasked reptilian character will remain wild until the end of the bonus game. Also, for every two reptilian characters you unmask, you will receive two additional free spins, which means the bonus game can end up taking up to 13 spins instead of the standard 7. If you manage to get that far then you are pretty sure to get a big win by the way. Because in that case most of the characters in your screen will be wild, which makes it extremely easy to make lots of winning combinations at the same time.

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