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Robotnik slot

Update: Yggdrasil recently removed Robotnik from their game selection. You can still read our full review of this offline slot below, or check the list of available slots here.

With the Robotnik slot by Yggdrasil Gaming you will start a futuristic adventure that can easily be described as out of this world. For starters, this entire game is full of incredibly good looking animations of all types and sizes. This makes it just as impressive as the last Winterberries slot. Crystals and space rocks will flash around your screen, with a calming background in the middle of outer space. Here you will have a view of dimly lit planets, their rings, meteorites and stars. At the same time an entertaining tune will play for you in the Robotnik slot. At the sides of your screen you can find a bunch of outlined little numbers. These numbers all have a style as if they are straight from the navigation panel of a space ship. In the Robotnik videoslot itself, the crystals and the space rocks are the main focus. These crystals and space rocks represent the symbols which you can use to make the necessary combinations.

In total there are five different crystals and five different space rocks that count as symbols in the Robotnik slot. There are yellow, green, red, blue and purple versions of both the crystals and the space rocks. In both cases the purple version will give you the biggest win by far when it makes a combination on an active bet line. When you get five purple crystals on a bet line on the Robotnik slot you will receive 400 coins for this combination alone. Making combinations in the Robotnik slot is made a bit easier for you, since the Robotnik mobile slot has a whole row with symbols more than the other Yggdrasil slots. Because of this fourth row there are five extra symbols in your screen, which greatly increases your chance of hitting a nice combination! These combinations can be made on 40 different bet lines going from left to right. The bet that you wish to make in the Robotnik slot can range between 40 cents and 80 euros per spin, depending on how you adjust the coin value which can be set between 0.01 and 2.00. When this coin value is set higher than usual, your winnings in the Robotnik slot can be absolutely out of this world. Additional reasons why your winnings can be so high are caused by a number of very special features that the Robotnik videoslot has to offer.

In the Robotnik slot you can receive some highly effective wild symbols, which will replace any other symbol in your screen. The good thing of these wild symbols is that they will hang around for a second spin after you got them. This way you will have a double chance of making profit from this wild. Even better is when another wild symbol drops during your second spin, because in that case all wilds will still remain where they were. It is actually possible to fill your entire screen with wild symbols in the Robotnik slot, while you only made a single spin! Next to the regular wild symbol there is another type, being the x3 wild. This does exactly the same as the regular wild, except this one gives you three times your regular win! This exceptionally effective function is interesting enough as it is, but this isn’t even all. The most important reason why your winnings can go sky high is without a doubt the icon of the Robotnik slot, being the robot. This robot can come flying into your screen at any given moment. When it does fly in, it will place a bunch of extra wild symbols in your screen. Even better is when the robot of the Robotnik slot does not fly into your screen, but crashes through one of the symbols. In that case the crashed symbol will change into a x3 wild, after which the robot will give you even more wild symbols. Of course you will get that extra spin after the robot disappears as well. Once the robot is done doing his job he will fly off until he is ready to assist you again soon after.

With the different features explained above most video slot players will certainly recognize the potential of the Robotnik slot. This if also the reason why it was named a futuristic adventure that can easily be described as out of this world. The winnings that you can receive with the Robotnik mobile slot are downright otherworldly. The payback percentage or the ‘return to player’ (RTP) of the Robotnik slot is no less than 96.7%. This is relatively high compared to most other video slots that are available at online casinos at the moment. But not only the high chances of winning money make the Robotnik slot so attractive. Next to the amazing features that are caused by the robot in this game, it is a joy to just see him fly around your screen. Just like the set up and the way this game works, the atmosphere of the Robotnik slot is absolutely unique. Just because of that a lot of online casino players will undoubtedly play this game very regularly, so that they can continue their own futuristic and otherworldly adventure.

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