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Seasons slot

It’s quite the original idea to base a casino game on the four different times of year. That is exactly what Yggdrasil Gaming decided to do in the Seasons slot and we must say that they put together something pretty impressive. When you open the game then you will immediately get a nice impression with the proven setup of five reels and three rows of symbols on a nicely animated background. But there is much more hidden in the Seasons casino game by Yggdrasil, because those fun animations can change completely after just a few spins. When you place ten bets then it is possible that the game will change to another time of the year. That means that the colours of the Seasons slot will change from for example the red-brown of autumn to the snow white of the winter months, but obviously they came up with some other features as well. Because next to the colours of the game you will see that the animations in the background will also change and, more importantly, the wild symbols that are shown in the playing screen of the Seasons videoslot.

The special wilds that are different every time

The fact that the wild symbol is different in every single time of year of the Seasons slot might actually be the most interesting feature of this game. Because all of those different wilds have some unique properties and that will make the game very versatile. For example, when wintertime comes in the Seasons mobile slot then the wild symbol with the hare could appear at any time. This long eared animal will always jump to another square, practically giving you two wilds instead of just one. The wild with the owl can be found during autumn in the Seasons slot and that one will always give you a free re-spin. The best part of the owl is that the re-spins continue going up until he flies out of the game screen. The somewhat dumb looking deer is the wild during the summer period and he really knows how to expand himself in the Seasons casino game. The moment he appears he will start swinging his legs around and that way he turns the four squared around him into wilds as well. The fox is the wild during autumn and that one is actually the most complicated special symbol that can be found in the game. Because the fox will give you a random multiplier that is applied to your winnings and the size of that multiplier will depend on the amount of wilds that is shown in your game screen at that specific time.

seasons slot

The free spins bonus game of the Seasons slot

It is of course pretty rare to see a modern casino game without a free spins feature and this is no different when it comes to the Seasons videoslot. Next to the different types of wilds there is one more special symbol hidden in the game and that is the little shield with golden leafs. When you get three of these free spins symbols during a single bet then you will get 7 free spins, with four symbols you will get 15 free spins and for five symbols you will get 30 free spins. In the Seasons slot it is not required to find these scatters on an active pay line and that makes things much easier since this game has only 20 pay lines that go form the left to the right. When you end up in the free spins feature of the Seasons mobile slot then you will bring along the type of wild symbol that happened to be active in your game at that specific time, being the hare, the owl, the deer or the fox. In the bonus game you should run into more wilds than usual, so next to a bunch of game rounds you will also get to benefit from a higher chance of getting a seriously big win.

seasons videoslot

General impression and your chances of getting a big win

It may be clear that the Seasons slot is extremely versatile, which means it should not get boring any time soon. There are plenty of properties hidden in the game and that is bound to give you an interesting playing experience. But you might wonder whether or not it is actually possible to get a proper big win in this addition to the selection of Yggdrasil slots and that is of course a very understandable question when it comes to online gambling. In the Seasons slot you can play with a minimum bet of 20 eurocents per spin and a maximum bet of 40 euros per spin. The maximum win is 30.670 coins with a single bet and when you play with the highest possible coin value of 2 then that would technically mean that you can win up to 61.340 euros. Most probably you would need to end up in the free spins bonus game first, but that is of course usually the case when it comes to videoslots.

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