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Sunny Shores slot

The Sunny Shores slot is a very summery game by Yggdrasil which has a remarkably large screen. It will let you relax on a tropical beach, while you can enjoy a bunch of features that go together extremely well. Because in this videoslot you can win from both sides, while you may also run into wilds that will expand in several directions and provide you with free re-spins!

The Sunny Shores slot has extra rows

Summery games are always fun. The livid colours and the relaxed backgrounds will make you feel a lot more at peace than a regular casino game, after all. For all that matters, the Sunny Shores slot by Yggdrasil already has an advantage over the competition, and we’re not even talking about the different types of Yggdrasil bonus features yet! Of course there are also other games with a summery theme to be found at your favourite online casino, but those generally can’t be compared to the Sunny Shores mobile slot in terms of graphics and originality. The game screen is quite a bit bigger than what you may be used to, with five rows of symbols instead of the usual three. That means there aren’t fifteen, but twenty five characters shown in your screen at the same time! If you manage to make a winning combination of five of the same symbols in a row then these are the prizes that can be won. The amount of cash that is involved will entirely depend on the coin value that you can select in the bottom of your screen and there are a total of 27 pay lines in the Sunny Shores casino game. The pink oyster with the giant pearl is worth 300 coins, the orange is worth 200 coins, the strawberry is worth 150 coins, the bananas are worth 90 coins, the grapes are worth 80 coins, the watermelon is worth 70 coins, and the pear is worth 60 coins.

sunny shores slot

Win from both ways in this game

There aren’t that many pay lines that you can make use of in the Sunny Shores slot, but they are worth twice as much as usual. That is because you can make winning combinations from both ways! Because of the ‘win both ways’ features, you can win from both the left to the right and from the right to the left, which means you can practically make use of twice as many pay lines. So it may be clear that the summery theme isn’t the only reason to get into a good mood while playing the Sunny Shores videoslot! Furthermore, it kinds of speaks for itself that a combination of five in a row is worth a lot more, but please keep into account that you will not get the concerning prize twice. One combination of five in a row provides you with a single win, meaning there is only one prize involved as well.

Expanding wilds and free re-spins

A summery game should of course also include a big and shiny sun. On the reels of the Sunny Shores slot you can also find a smiling sun character which is constantly looking around with big eyes. This cute little symbol isn’t just for decoration either, because he will also function as a wild! The sun can replace all other symbols in the game and on top of that it will also provide you with a very attractive bonus feature. Every single time this little sun will end up in your game screen, he can expand into four different directions. That means you may get two or four new Sunny Wilds in your screen into every direction and obviously that will also give you a big chance to get a big win. And that isn’t even all it has to offer, because that expanding wild will also give you a free re-spin! Whenever the sun shows up and expands over the reels, all of those wilds will stay in place, while the rest of your screen will keep spinning. That means you will get a chance to get a big win twice in a row and you don’t need to place any extra bets with your own money!

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