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Tut’s Twister Slot

During the years, people have discovered many impressive artifacts from ancient Egyptian times. By far one of the most famous it the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamen, also known as King Tut. This “boy king” is believed to have only been 10 years old when he became pharaoh. The discovery of his untouched tomb and incredible golden sarcophagus spiked the people’s interest in the mysterious and rich era of ancient Egyptians. Yggdrasil has used the young king as inspiration for their brand new game: Tut’s Twister.

The game is set in the pharaoh’s tomb, and has a mysterieus look to it. As you might expect, a pharaoh is buried with all sorts of items to accompany him in his afterlife. Tut’s tomb is filled with all sorts of treasures and riches fit for a king. Inside of the tomb, you can find a set-up of five rolls and four reels. The slot uses eight regular win symbols. The popular card suit symbols are used as low paying symbols. Spectacular artifacts, such as a golden ring and an ancient papyrus roll, are used as images for the higher paying symbols. Symbols award coins when three or more of the same symbols land on one of the 25 paylines. But beware, after being at peace for centuries, King Tut will turn into a raging Twister when he senses a disturbance!

Tut’s Twister Feature

The name of the slot is identical to the main feature of the game. Tut’s Twister feature is a re-spin feature with walking Wilds as well as an increasing multiplier. The feature is activated when 2 or more Wild symbols land on the reels. The reel that displays the left most Wild symbol will turn into a giant Twister, which is stretched out over all 4 rows. The Twister locks into place, whilst the remaining Wilds are transformed into Walking Wild symbols.

The transformed Wild symbols will move across the reels, left or right depending on the location, toward the Twister. They will move 1 reel after each re-spin. Once they hit the Twister reel they will be sucked in. In the best case scenario the twister will appear on the left or right-most reel, and the Wild symbols land mainly on the reel on the opposite side. The multiplier will increase with 1x each time there are 3 Wilds during the Tut’s Twister Feature. After each re-spin there is a possibility that new Wild symbols appear. The re-spins will continue until no new Wild symbols appear and all other Wilds have already been sucked into the Twister.

Last Chance & Final Spin

Last Chance featureTo make the Tut’s Twister feature even more exciting, Yggdrasil gives players even more opportunity to win big by adding the Last Chance feature. When there are no more Wilds visible on the reels, one more re-spin will be awarded which gives players another chance to land another Wild symbol. If no new Walking Wild symbol lands during the last chance, the final spin will be activated. The Twister will scatter all the collected Wilds (gathered during Tut’s Twister feature)  onto the reels. The reels will spin with all the Wilds on the reels. Since the  accumulated multiplier will be activate as well, this can result in some very high wins.

Mystery Feature

You might think you’d completely miss out if you only land one Wild symbol during the base game, but fortunately nothing is less true. In this case the Mystery Feature will be activated. The symbol will start rolling and can stop on four images. If it lands on the Hieroglyph, one Hieroglyph symbol will be awarded. (We’ll explain more about this in the following paragraph). If the Wild image appears, an extra Wild symbol will be awarded which results in the activation of the Tut’s Twister feature. It’s also possible to receive a coin win between 25 and 2500 coins. Unfortunately there’s also a possibility that no award is given.

Hieroglyph collection

Beside with Wild symbols, there is another way to activate the Tut’s Twister feature. Above each reel in this slot, a collection of  Hieroglyphs are displayed. The amount of Hieroglyphs above each reel from left to right  is 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 – and thus would form a pyramid shape. The aim is to collect all the Hieroglyphs of one collection, after which the Tut’s Twister feature is activated. Even better is that the triggered reel will award 1 Walking Wild symbol for each collect hieroglyph. For example, if you collect all five of the Hieroglyphs above the middle reel – the twister will appear on that reel, and five extra Walking Wild symbols will be added to the screen. The hieroglyphs can only be collected during the mystery feature. When opening the game, each player will automatically receive 2 hieroglyph symbols.

Spin your way through the pharaoh’s sacred burial chamber and who knows, perhaps you will leave with all the treasures it hides.

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