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Winterberries slot

Not everybody likes the winter season. But in some cases pretty much anyone is willing to make an exception. One case in which this might be possible is with the wonderful Yggdrasil game named the Winterberries slot, which was released shortly after the first Jokerizer slot. The Winterberries mobile slot has a fresh northerly winter theme, including ice and the whole package. When you open the Winterberries slot you will be welcomed with a happy theme. On the background of your screen you can find a calming winter landscape. You will see mountains, glaciers, cool waters and a pine forest. You can almost smell the fresh air yourself. The Winterberries videoslot itself is equally fresh, outlined with a frozen pine tree branch. The ice cubes that are frozen to the sides of the branch all have numbers, and indicate the available bet lines. The symbols that are available in the Winterberries slot are exactly what you would expect in a theme like this, being winter fruits of all colors. In total there are seven types of winter fruits. These of course all give a different win. There is one symbol that exceeds all of the others when it comes to the amount of money you can win, those are the yellow berries. A single bet line of five in a row of this symbol will get you a fantastic 500 coins. It has to be mentioned that this win is without any multipliers or combinations that can also be found in the Winterberries slot.

The Winterberries slot has a set up that is comparable to a number of existing video slots. This video slot has five reels and three rows on which the given symbols can be found. The combinations can be made on 25 different bet lines. The bet that you wish to make per single spin is completely adjustable to your personal preference. The coin value can be set to a value between 0.01 and 2.00, which can make a huge difference in your bet size. Whether you like to play with a tenner or with thousands of euros, this will not have to make any kind of difference in the Winterberries slot. With only 25 cents per spin you can start playing this very special Winterberries mobile slot, so it is accessible for pretty much anyone. It is certainly worth a shot to try out the Winterberries slot at your favorite Yggdrasil casino. Because even with the minimum bet you can end up winning enormous amounts of cash with the terrific Winterberries videoslot!

Next to the classic and proven set up, and the fresh looks of this game, there are a number of properties that make the Winterberries slot very special. The real strength of these winter berries lie in the ice. The moment that you make any type of combination of at least three symbols of any of the given bet lines, the berries will freeze. At that moment your spin is not yet over because you will activate a free respin. The frozen berries will stay in their place, and the rest will keep spinning. For as long as berries of the same symbol keep appearing on your screen you will keep activating free respins. It does not even matter where on the screens these additional symbols drop, as long as there are of the same type. This way you will get an extra chance to fill your screen with symbols every single respin. That is not even all! Every time a full reel is filled with winning symbols, the multiplier will go up by 1. With other words, every time the Winterberries slot has three of the same symbols showing on top of each other, the multiplier will go up with one. So when your screen is filled with the same type of winterberry, your entire win is multiplier five times!

Just imagine getting a modest combination in the Winterberries slot. It will keep adding up with additional symbols during the respins, until the Winterberries slot finally fills your screen with all symbols of the same type. Let us take the yellow berries as an example, which will give you 400 coins per bet line. If your screen is filled with these yellow berries, your win will be 25 bet lines times 400 coins equals 10,000 coins. But if the entire screen is filled with one type of berry, that means all five reels are also filled with the same type. That means we also have to take into consideration the 5x multiplier with this win. If we apply this to the score of 10,000 coins, we can see that our final win is an amazing 50,000 coins in a single spin! This can end up being one fantastic amount of cash coming from the Winterberries slot. It may be clear that the Winterberries slot offers more than just a nice and fresh winter theme. As you can tell, you can also walk away with some fantastic winnings. Even if you do not get a great combination straight off the bat, your small win can grow to be much bigger in the respins. You would have to be a real cold person not to be impressed by the freshest among the Yggdrasil slots!

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