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Wolf Hunters slot

In this wonderful world of online slots it sometimes seems impossible to come up with a unique theme. Has it really all been done before? When we had our first glance at the brand new game of Yggdrasil we couldn’t help but think – not another werewolf slot?! Even though it seems like a cliche theme, we of course gave Yggdrasil the benefit of the doubt. They are our favourite provider for a reason, and it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve taken a common theme and gave it a creative twist. Did they manage to surprise us once again? Find out in our detailed Wolf Hunter slot review!

The ominous music, the array of weapons, the deserted mansion – there is no doubt that Yggdrasil’s creative team  opted for “creepy” when discussing how to portray their latest slot. It doesn’t really come as a surprise since the release date of the slot is roughly 1 month away from the creepiest holiday of the year, Halloween. This eerie slot features two hunters who take turns in battling a bloodthirsty werewolf. The first that caught our eye when checking the game was that some features are strongly resemble those of an earlier Yggdrasil slot, Vikings go to Hell, namely the battle feature and rage meters. Both the hunter and the huntress each have their own rage meter which slowly fills up to activate an interesting part of this slot. We’ll tell you more about this in a bit. When it comes to the set-up we don’t have much to report. It’s your basic 5 reel, 3 row slot with 20 pay lines and bets from 10 cents up to 100 euro per spin. Regular win symbols are displayed as card suit symbols and weapon symbols. In addition to the regular win symbols, you’ll encounter several other symbols during your hunting adventure:

Special Symbols

Sticky Wilds

Wolf Hunter doesn’t feature just any old Wild symbol, but special Sticky Wilds. When you land one of these beauties, two things will happen. As usual, Wilds in this slot act as symbol substitutes. This means that it can act as any regular win symbol to finish or expand a winning combination. What’s more interesting is that Wild symbols also activate re-spins. During the re-spin all visible Wild symbols on the reels will stick to their position whilst the rest of the symbols spin again. If more Wild symbols appear on the reels after the re-spin, another re-spin will be activated. This particular feature has given us quite some big hits during the base game of this interesting slot.

Werewolf symbol

Wolf Hunters Battle ModeThis frightening werewolf might raise some hairs due to its beastly look, but will seem a lot less scary once you realize what he can do for you. Each time a Werewolf symbol lands on the reels, one of the two hunters will battle him. Which hunter picks up their weapon is completely random. The hunter’s weapon of choice is a pistol, whilst the huntress tries to defeat the beast with her dagger. There are two possible outcomes to each fight – either the werewolf wins, or one of the hunters win. If the werewolf wins nothing will happen other than receive any winnings you may have made with combinations that round. If the hunter wins? That’s a way better twist to the story. Not one, not two, but three things will happen when the werewolf is defeated:

  1. The Rage Meter of the hunter who defeated the werewolf will be filled with 1 point;
  2. The Werewolf’s Health Meter will decrease with 1 point;
  3. The Werewolf symbol will transform into a Wild symbol, possibly creating new winning combinations & activating a re-spin!

Another positive thing about facing the evil monster is that it’s the highest paying symbol in the slot. A combination of 3 Werewolf symbols on a payline is worth 50 coins, 4 symbols is worth 300 coins and 5 of these symbols are worth a whopping 500 coins!

Bonus symbols

Two extra special symbols you will encounter are the Bonus symbols. Both hunters have their own bonus symbol. The Hunter symbol only appears on the 1st reel, whilst the Huntress symbol only appears on the 5th reel. When both symbols land on the reels simultaneously, you will receive 10 free spins. It seems like the spins gives both hunters an extra little boost, because the chances that they defeat the Werewolf in the battle are higher during free spins.

Three types of Free Spins

Regular Free Spins

Like we mention above, you will receive 10 free spins when both Bonus symbols appear at the same time. Although these are regular free spins, you have a chance to make them extra special. During Free Spins you can “upgrade” the Hunter and the Huntress. How? By collecting three of their bonus symbols during the free spins mode. Once you collected the necessary symbols, you will first receive 2 extra free spins. Furthermore, Wild symbols that occur after the Werewolf has been defeated will now also expand! How they expand depends on the which Hunter has been upgraded. If the (male) Hunter has been upgraded the werewolf Wilds will expand to the left. If the Huntress has been upgraded the Wilds will expand up and down. In both cases Wilds can now take up more than just 1 position!

Hunter Free Spins

Wolf Hunters Free SpinsYou might be wondering what happens when the Rage meter of a Hunter is filled completely. Something awesome, that’s what. When one of the Hunters has become a pro Werewolf fighter and their rage reaches their maximum capacity, they’ll go crazy and activate 10 free Hunter Spins. Both rage meters count up to 100, but don’t worry – you don’t have to start from scratch. New players will automatically receive 30 rage points for the Hunter, and 70 rage points for the huntress. During the Hunter Free Spins, the hunter that has reached full rage will automatically be upgraded. This means that when a Werewolf is defeated during the Hunter Free Spins it will always expand.

Slayer Free Spins

At the top of the slot you will see the health meter of the Werewolf. Every time he is defeated during a battle, his health meter will decrease with 1 point. The full health meter is 600 points. Needless to say, you’ll need to play this slot a good while before slaying the werewolf. But once you do – great things can happen! When the health meter is completely empty you’ll receive 10 Slayer Free Spins. Normally the Werewolf only transforms into a Wild once it’s defeated in battle. However, since you have not already defeated the beast during the base game – every single Werewolf symbol will turn into a Wild during these free spins! After the spins are completed the health meter will reset to a full bar.

Wolf Hunters: our opinion

Let’s be honest – the rage meter & battle mode are more or less the same feature as in Vikings go Wild. Does it bother us? Not one bit. A great feature is a great feature, so who cares if multiple slots use something similar. Personally, I think this is a highly entertaining slot with free spins – but it’s not for everyone. Wolf Hunters has a medium to high volatility so some dead spins are to be expected and the very rare high wins are where the fun starts. Keep in mind that there is an animation every time the Werewolf symbol appears, which slows down the game play significantly. If you’re looking for a quick slot with frequent low wins – this is not the game for you. But if you love filling meters and cool animations, this might just be your perfect match. Not sure what to think yet? Play Wolf Hunters for free at the top of this page or get ready for some real excitement by playing it for real money on a casino. The button below the free version will direct you to one of our favourite Yggdrasil casinos. Whichever one you choose – we wish you happy hunting!

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