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Your documents at an online casino

Gambling at an online casino is extremely convenient and relatively anonymous. All you need to do is register an account and make a deposit, after which you can play on all kinds of different casino games. Making a withdrawal is usually not a problem either, but this will chance once you reach a total of 2500 euros in winnings. At that point any online casino with an MGA license is required to ask for your personal documents before proceeding with the withdrawal. The underlying reason for this is that the government wants to do as much as possible to prevent money laundering and credit card fraud. But is it really safe to leave your documents at an online casino?
When is a casino safe?

Documents such as a method of identification or a credit card will show all kinds of sensitive information and that is something you would rather not share with other people. That is why before you leave your documents at an online casino you will want to make sure that it’s safe. Firstly you might want to see if it meets the requirements of a reliable online casino in general. You should check if the casino is based within Europe and preferably in Malta. Also it is important that a casino has a good reputation. An Yggdrasil Casino giant such as Mr Green certainly won’t take a single risk by playing around with personal documents. Mainly for those reasons you can always leave your documents at an online casino that is specifically recommended on our website.

How do I protect my personal information?

You have decided to leave your documents at an online casino, so that all your winnings can be transferred shortly. Now there are methods to make sure that your personal documents are protected against abuse. One practical way is to leave a watermark on the images you’re sending in. The digital photograph or scan can be opened with Microsoft Paint or any other similar program. You can then write something on the image like for example “for Klaver Casino” in big red letters. That way no one will be able to use the documents for other reasons than the verification of your account and that is exactly what you want! Do make sure that you aren’t covering any of the necessary information on the image though, because in that case the document might not meet the requirements.

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